"What Goes Around, Doesn't Come Back Round": A Look into the Disruptive Influence of Basel School of Design and Cranbrook Academy of Art


This paper examines the contributions of the Basel School of Design and Cranbrook Academy of Art by outlining their respective philosophies and pedagogical approaches. These two schools helped educate and train a number of the most prominent graphic designers of the twentieth century. Following a brief historical examination of the Bauhaus’ influence on design education, the early teachings of Emil Ruder and Armin Hofmann at the Basel School of Design are discussed within the context of their influence on post-modern graphic designer Wolfgang Weingart. This paper also examines the concurrent shift in graphic design that was happening in the United States at Cranbrook Academy of Art under the tutelage of Swiss-trained designer Katherine McCoy, and prominent Cranbrook alumni responsible for redefining graphic design as both a professional practice and academic discipline.

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Kevin Paolozzi (AIGA) is a graphic designer, visual researcher, educator, and
design scholar.

He holds graduate degrees in graphic design from Cranbrook Academy of Art and York University, a post-graduate certificate in type design from the Cooper Union, and a BA with a combined honors in english and multimedia from McMaster University.

In 2013, he was selected as a presenter for the AIGA's Fresh Blood IV event.

Due to the nature of his projects, most of his client/agency work cannot be displayed online. More extensive PDF portfolio available upon request. Contact him for freelance projects, or just to say hello at kevinpaolozzi at gmail dot com.


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